What are the requirements for divorce and How do I Start?

In order to proceed with creation of divorce petition, please read carefully US Legal PRO Customer Agreement & Disclaimer below. Once you agree, please complete the questionnaire by clicking the following link. For questions email us at efile4me@uslegalpro.com

Divorce Petition Questionnaire

After the questionnaire is complete and payment is made, we will contact you back with the completed Divorce Petition for your verification.

What makes US Legal PRO unique?

US Legal PRO is the only divorce petition preparer that is also an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) approved by the Office of court Administration.

Filing civil cases like divorce, electronically, is mandatory in the state of Texas. Being EFSP gives US Legal PRO unique ability to electronically file your divorce petition after creating the petition on your behalf.

With other Divorce document creators or sites, you will be required to eFile the petition on your own and that is half the work.

What service does US Legal PRO provide?

US Legal PRO helps with creation and eFiling of Original Petition of Uncontested Divorce in Texas.

The petition is your request for a hearing to allow a judge to grant you a divorce.

After your petition is accepted by the court, you will need to contact the county court for hearing dates.

US Legal PRO Customer Agreement & Disclaimer

  • US Legal PRO is not a legal firm and will not give legal advises or answer legal questions. We construct divorce petition and eFile for you based on the information that you provide.
  • You are responsible for paying court fees.
  • Before filing the documents you will be asked to review and verify the prepared document. You could also decide not to go with the filing at that time.
  • We cannot be held responsible if your filings get rejected by the court for any reasons. In such a situation, we can work with you to file the petition again if appropriate.
  • Our assistance is limited to completing original petition of divorce and filing it to the court.
  • Once filing has been accepted by the county, you will need to contact the county court for hearing dates.

Requirements for Uncontested Divorce:

  • You and your spouse will agree on every issue in your divorce and your spouse will participate in the divorce process.
  • Your wife is not pregnant.
  • You and your wife do not have any child.
  • You or your spouse do not need spousal support or maintenance
  • You or your spouse should not have an ongoing bankruptcy case.
  • Your and or your spouse is not involved in military.
  • You and / or your spouse must have lived in Texas for at least six months immediately prior to filing the petition.
  • You and / or your spouse must have lived in the county where you are filing the petition for at least three months immediately prior to filing the petition.