Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Basic E-filling Questions

Electronic filing or e-filing enables filers and courts to efficiently process documents and fees online. eFileCA manages the flow of information among filers, clerks, court personnel and judges:
Filer Submits Documents: Filers log on to to file case �related documents online to any participating court in California.
eFileCA Delivers Documents to the Court
Clerks Accept or Reject Submissions: Court clerks receive the electronically filed documents and associated fees for processing and acceptance, review the documents, accept the filings or return them for correction, and provide an electronic timestamp notification to the filer for the accepted documents.
Yes. The eFileCA system adheres to state and federal security regulations and meets Payment Card Industry Security Standards to protect filer and transaction information.
Eservice is a feature provided by eFileCA where documents are electronically served to other parties in a case via email. Using this option, you can track when each party received and opened the filing.
Note: Initial filing service must be served in person
Filers are responsible for accomplishing service of all filings as required by applicable court rules. For this purpose, filers may use the mail service, serve by hand delivery, send an email, or use eFileCA as it offers the option of electronic service of each filing to the designated service contact.
Yes, eFileCA may be used to exchange documents between parties without filing the documents through the courts.

2. Understanding Fees

Yes, there are fees associated with filing documents electronically with
  • uStandard court filing fees: Statewide fee schedules can be found at Contact your local court for additional information on specific filing fees.
  • E-file fee: A service fee is assessed for use of the e-filing system.
  • Payment service fee: A payment service fee is assessed to cover the credit card processing fees.

3. Filer Information

It varies by court. Please review the Courts Accepting E-Filings section at for information on specific courts.
Most courts restrict e-filing to non criminal cases. Specific case types per court can be viewed by logging into, selecting a particular court, and viewing their available options.
eFileCA is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consult your local court rules for the court review timelines and schedules.
Note: The system may be temporarily offline from time to time for maintenance purposes.
The list of California courts currently accepting filings through the eFileCA system is available on the home page.
Yes, pro se parties are eligible to use the site for e�filing. However, it is not mandatory they do so.

4. Registration and Support

Yes, all users must register prior to using eFileCA.
Yes, training is provided for free. You can register by selecting Web Training Sessions at can attend as many training sessions as you need. One hour of CLE credit can be earned for many of the sessions.
Yes, support is provided for both attorneys and pro-se litigants. Please select Need Help at and you can search for answers to your questions or contact Tyler Technologies e-filing support team.
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