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By | July 10, 2015

US Legal PRO is OCA (Office of Court Administration) certified free eFiling service provider as a means for attorneys or an individual (Pro Se) to file a court case and documents electronically into courts state wide. Strongly committed in serving the users with absolute best and easy solutions to firm filing needs, we are the true legal companion working for those who seek legal services regarding eFiling in Texas. Our team of experts and professionals are working for providing best eFiling service all over in Texas.

We expertise in providing flawless technological solutions to law firms and also have resources to meet the growing needs of the law firms. We are committed in offering complete custom solution and e services to help, manage and handle new as well as existing case files. We focus on the needs of the clients’ organization so that our clients do not have to.

We, with our knowledge, have spent all skills and manpower in supporting the pillar of judicial system in Texas and also attracting attorneys to the new generation technique of securing, organizing, backing up and accessing the case data electronically.

Why US Legal PRO?

US Legal PRO is a free eFiling service provider in Texas with motive to help attorneys and law firms to file their court case online in county or district court. Following salient features can clarify the reasons to choose US Legal PRO as your legal companion:

  • We are OCA (Office of Court Administration) certified free EFSPs in Texas.
  • Unlike the court, where it shuts down at 5:00 p.m. and remains closed on holidays, we are at service 24×7.
  • We have easy and simple user interface with simple registration procedure.
  • If any one has previous eFiling record , we allow sane account to be used as their account irrespective of EFSPs.
  • For any clarification or suggestion, we are available at chat or telephone for your service.
  • Being free eFiling service provider, your cost for court and legal procedure is economical through us.
  • We provide you with all alerts about your case through emails instantly.
  • Our easy guidelines can help you understand the better perspective and benefits of eFiling.

We, team of US Legal PRO,are devoted in providing best eFiling and e-services and aid towards the journey of court exelence in Texas.

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