8 reasons to eFile in Texas Courts with US Legal PRO

Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) is an online portal that allows the law firm or individuals to electronically file a case to the court. In other words, EFSP is a company that acts as a medium to electronically file your case to the court and sends the filing to official eFiling system.

eFileTexas.gov is the official eFiling system for Texas and in order to e-file your court case through any service provider, they must be certified by the Office of Court Administration (OCA).

US Legal PRO is OCA certified free eFiling service provider based in Texas State of the United States of America with motive to help attorneys and law firms or any individuals to file their court case online in county or district court.

Following salient features can clarify the reasons to choose US Legal PRO as your legal companion for eFiling in Texas:

1. Free filing

US Legal PRO is Office of Court Administration certified free EFSP in Texas. It is free in a sense that it does not charge for filing a case in the court through its portal. But court fees are deducted as per the court rule using any of the electronic payment medium that is available in the system.

2. Service is available 24×7

Unlike the court, where it shuts down at 5:00 p.m. and remains closed on holidays, US Legal PRO is available at service 24×7. Filing of the case can be done till 11:59 pm which means it is almost the whole day available for eFiling.  Only thing required is a computer with internet access to electronically file your case in the court.

3. Easy and simple User Interface

US Legal PRO has very easy and simple User Interface with simple registration procedure. It’s simple interface and eFiling guidelines can be very helpful for the new users to understand and complete the court procedures without any confusions and hindrances.

4. Log in directly if you already have eFiling account.

If you have e-filed before in Texas Court through any existing EFSP, you do not have to register new account. US Legal PRO allows same old account to be used as eFiling account irrespective of EFSPs used for eFiling. But, if you are new to eFiling you must register an account to start eFiling.

5. Chat and telephone service available

Satisfaction of the customer is what matters for US Legal PRO. In order to make ease in eFiling process through US Legal PRO and for any clarification or suggestion, the professionals and legal support experts are available at chat or telephone service.

6. Economical

The cost for court and legal procedure is economical through US Legal PRO. eFiling with US Legal PRO helps to reduce paper cost, transportation and documentation charges and cost of other accessories automatically. The only charge you have to pay is the court charge and you can have your case e-filed spending minimum amount of money and time as well.

7. Immediate response system

US Legal PRO has the system that provides fast response to serve its clients. Also the system has the ability to process the documents and eFiling information fast and provide the filer with all alerts and information about case through emails in short time.

8. Helps to understand about eFiling.

US Legal PRO has provided the user with easy guidelines on its portal that can help people to understand the better perspective and benefits of eFiling. List of frequently asked questions and their answers can also be helpful in understanding Texas eFiling.

US Legal PRO is providing best eFiling services so that people can get eFiling service at least cost and higher convenience.

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