Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does e-filing work?

Electronic filing or e-filing enables filers and courts to efficiently process documents and fees online.

  1. Log on to US Legal PRO website to file case-related documents online to any participating court in Texas.
  2. US Legal PRO will first check submissions for completeness, calculate filing fees and court costs, and electronically deliver the submitted documents to participating courts.
  3. Court clerks receive the electronically filed documents and associated fees for processing and acceptance, review the documents, accept the filings or return them for correction, and provide an electronic timestamp notification to the filer for the accepted documents.

Do I need to scan or convert documents to PDF format first?

Courts only accept text recognizable PDF format. US Legal PRO automatically converts your office documents to PDF for free.

How do I create a payment account?

After you successfully register into Us Legal Pro, you can click on the link Payment Account and fill the form accordingly to create the payment account.

Do I have to verify my e-mail to complete registration?

Yes, you have to verify the email you receive during registration process in Us Legal Pro to complete the process.

How do I cancel a filing that has already been accepted?

You cannot cancel an accepted filing online. You must visit the respective courtto in case you need to cancel a filing that has been already accepted.

How long does it take for the court to review a filing?

This entirely depends on the court. You can contact to the respective directly regarding the estimated completion time for a particular filing.

Can someone else file on my behalf?

Yes, anyone can file a case on your behalf. Paralegals, legal secretaries, or your associates can easily file for you.

How do I register with Us Legal PRO?

First of all, visit the site If you are willing to register as single user click on user registration link and fill up the form accordingly. If you want to register yourself as a firm click on firm registration link and fill accordingly.

After registering, how long do I have to wait before I can e-file?

You can immediately start the e-filing process as soon as you register with Us Legal PRO.

When can I eFile?

Except for maintenance window, US Legal PRO is available 24 hours. Please check local court rules for the court review timelines and schedules.

How can I check my cases' validity?

After, you successfully submit the case, you will receive a confirmation mail from the court and also you will get an envelope ID with the help which you can track your case any time.

How secure is payment process?

US Legal PRO DOES NOT store or charge your credit card. US Legal PRO relies on eFileTexas system which adheres to state and federal security regulations and meets Payment Card Industry Security Standards to protect filer and transaction information.

What happens to the payment if Filing is not Accepted?

Once filing is submitted, courts will put a hold (pre authorize) on your credit card for the amount equal to the filing fee. All those fees are returned to you when a filing is rejected by the court or when you cancel the filing. You may need some patience as it could take sometime.

I already use an EFSP, do I need to switch?

We were voted one of the best EFSPs by Texas Lawyer Magazine and we have easiest filing solution in Texas. Additionally we request for your suggestions and we will incorporate them in our application to make your life easier. We urge you to give us a chance and help us make better. Please email us at with your suggestions.

Following salient features can clarify the reasons to choose Us Legal PRO as your legal companion:

  • We are OCA (Office of Court Administration) certified EFSPs in Texas.
  • We have easy and simple user interface with simple registration procedure.
  • If anyone has previous e-filing record , we allow sane account to be used as their account irrespective of EFSPs.
  • For any clarification or suggestion, we are available at chat
  • We provide you with all alerts about your case through emails instantly.
  • Our easy guidelines can help you understand the better perspective and benefits of e-filing.

What are the standard formats of legal documents to be submitted?

The legal documents to be submitted to the concerned court or party by individual or law firms has to maintain certain standard format as declared by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology (JCIT). The document standards according to the JCIT are as follows:

  • Dimensions of the document must be exactly 8.5 inches wide and 11inches tall.
  • Except for some scanners and scanning software that have capability to make scanned document text-searchable using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), you may have to purchase scanner or scanning software to make it text-searchable. The text resolution of scanned documents must be 300 dots per inch for black and white documents and for documents with color images must have a minimum resolution of 600 dots per inch.
  • An e-filed document may not contain any security or feature restrictions including password protection or encryption and may not contain embedded multi-media video, audio, or programming.
  • Documents may not contain package PDF's. PDF's should not be embedded inside of another PDF. A court may require that multiple PDF documents be combined into a single PDF document and bookmarks used to separate content appropriately. The content of the document should not depend on bookmarks.
  • Any e-filed document filename should contain only alphanumeric characters that are part of the Latin1_General character set. No special characters are allowed and the length of the filename should be restricted to 50 characters.

What is eFiling?

E-filingor Electronic filing is the process of registering court cases, transporting, and accessing legal documents online over internet among the attorneys and other authorized court personnel. It is the new age adaptation of law practice with the motto of having paperless court system in near future.

Why e-filing?

E-filing, a new approach in law practice, is very useful and prominent because of various factors. E-filing can be the key factor to revolutionize the court system and make big step towards digital court dream project. Some of the reasons for e-filingare:

  • Low cost
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Reliability

Are the e-filing rules same for all counties in Texas?

The e-filing rules may or may not be same in different counties. Please visitto respective clerk of county or districtand ask for the rules, options and requirements before you file a case or you can visit Texas court website for rules and regulations.Click here for more details

What are EFSPs?

Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs)are the web application designed to provide the user friendly interface to file the case with ease and reliability to the respective courts in Texas. Us Legal PRO is one of the beat and leading OCA certified free EFSP in Texas.

Is e-Filing secure?

Yes. E-filing is very secureas your documents are securely encrypted and transmitted to the respective court through best available internet file transfer protocols.

Does choosing the EFSPs matter in filing a case?

Of course. It does matter which service provider you choose to file a case in terms of cost as well as in service. It is important to have your job done even in your busy schedule and it is important decision to choose better service provider.

What is eService?

US Legal PRO provides a service that lets you electronically server other parties in case via e-mail which is called E-Service. You can also track when each party received and opened the filing.

Can I use US Legal PRO if I am a pro per or pro se?


How is it possible to have e-filing service 24x7?

Rules of Civil Procedure statethat any filing by end of business day statutory deadline can be filed. Additionally all of your documents are file stamped with the date and time they are submitted, not the date and time the clerk processed them. For example, if you make an electronic filing at 7PM on January 2nd and the clerk approves the filing at 9AM on January 4th, the document will be file stamped 7PM, January 2nd.

Does e-filing service include all court cases types?

Not all cases may be available to be filed electronically from the place where you live in. It is important to determine proper venue and identify which county or judicial district is the correct one to file your case in. If you need help determining where your case should be filed in, there may bea legal services provider in your area who can help you to find out the solution to your problems.Please click here to search for types of court cases filed with the help of Us Legal PRO

Can I file a case myself without help of an attorney?

Yes, you can case a file without the help of attorney. In legal terms, such person who handle the case on his own is known as "pro se" or "self represented litigants".

I received an email stating that I have been served. How do I retrieve the documents served?

As you receive mail from, click on the provided link to retrieve your official documents.

What type of cases can I e-file using US Legal PRO?

Case types per court can be viewed by choosing Jurisdiction on Filing page and selecting a particular court, and viewing their available options.