California - Proof of Service

Proof of Service of Summons is a legal document used to confirm that a party involved in a lawsuit, such as a divorce case, has properly served the required legal documents, including the summons and related papers, to the opposing party. It serves as evidence that the recipient has been formally notified of the legal action and is aware of their obligations and rights in the legal proceedings.
Proof of Service is crucial in legal cases, including divorce, because it ensures that all parties have been given a fair opportunity to participate in the proceedings and respond to the legal claims against them, upholding the principles of due process and transparency in the legal system. It helps establish that the legal process was carried out correctly, which is essential for the court to make informed decisions and issue judgments in accordance with the law.
1. Download the Document
Please click here to download the document(s) and complete them.
2. Make Service Payment
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Please note that any court filing fees, if applicable, are your responsibility, and the service payment you have made is non-refundable.
3. Send us the Document(s)
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4. eFile Account Setup and eFile
We will establish an eFiling account for you to submit your document(s) to the court electronically. After the filing is complete, you will receive an envelope number from the court system.
Please reach out to the court to inquire about the filing's status.