Maryland Bulk eFiling Solutions for Landlord Tenant Failure to Rent Cases

eFiling is soon becoming mandatory in Landlord-Tenant failure to pay rent cases in several Maryland jurisdictions and US Legal PRO provides a easy to use eFiling automation for high volume filers. For more information contact us at

Two ways to bulk eFile eviction related documents:

No custom integration / configurations needed - start filing in minutes

Placeholder32x32Prepare a CSV template for the county you are filing

Contact Us for the templates for the county where you are filing

Placeholder32x32Update details on CSV

Once you have downloaded the template, fill out all the relevant columns

Placeholder32x32Upload the file
Upload the template to our portal and click start to initiate batch filing.

To see bulk eFiling in action,click here

Directly integrate your software with courts

Placeholder32x32Request client token

Contact us for your client token

Placeholder32x32Write your program

Check out APIs

Placeholder32x32Start eFiling
Once you have done your testing in stage, start efiling in the actual system