Kern Probate and Bakersfield Civil changes

Date: 12/17/2021

ATTENTION Santa Clara County Users:  The Santa Clara Family Clerk’s Office is now accepting Stipulation and Orders via E-File.  If your document is submitted via e-file, please do not send the original Stipulation and Order to the Court.  The Stipulation and Order will be accepted unfiled, forwarded to the Judicial Officer for signature and E-served back, with a signature and filed stamp, to the attorney/self-represented litigant’s email address listed on the document.

Please take note of the following to help minimize rejections:  

  1. Stipulation and Orders already signed by the Judicial Officer must be submitted for filing in paper form to the Family Clerk’s Office for filing.  
  2. To ensure that your filing is routed to the correct queue, please be sure to select one of the following codes:
  1. Stipulation & Order - $20.00
  2. Stipulation & Order – No Fee (NOTE:  For filings which require the first appearance fee, please use this code then select the option fee of $435.00)
  3. Stipulation & Order Appointment of Temporary Judge - $20.00  
  4. Stipulation and Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore