eFiling Automation (Batch Filing) solution for Texas, Indiana, Illinois and California Courts

Court eFiling is Finally upon us! Supreme Courts of several states are mandating electronic filing for state Courts

But is your Software or Firm eFiling ready?

US Legal PRO is certified by Texas, Illinois, Indiana and California as an Electronic Filing Service Provider for courts. We provide eFiling System Bus (EFSB) API for your eFiling automation solution. Email us at info@uslegalpro.com or call us at (972)-807-0689 with your requirements and we will create a custom batch eFiling solution for you in matter of days!

US Legal PRO EFSB Architecture

  • If you are a Legal Management software provider, be ahead of the competition by integrating your software with US Legal PRO's EFSB to provide automated eFiling solution to your customers
  • If you are a Firm and does hundreds of filings to courts each month, save time and money by automating eFiling by integrating your internal process with US Legal PRO's automated solution
  • Perfect solution for Mortgage Banking Law Firms and Foreclosure Law Firms that do bulk filings

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