36MM Tudor Black BAY Replica Watches For Men

For the two sizes of 41 mm and 36 mm, in terms of current aesthetic concepts, most people will definitely say that 41 mm is the standard size for mens watches, and 36 mm is more for women. At most, we would say that it is medium Sex. Although most men would choose 41mm, I believe there are also men who like 36mm, after all, 36mm is more refined!

36MM Tudor Black BAY Replica Watch

When it comes to watch models that have to choose between the two sizes of 41 mm and 36 mm, the most well-known is the Rolex date-just watch. In addition, Tudors Black BAY is also available in 36mm and 41mm sizes. Lets take a look at 36MM tudor black bay Replica Watch today. It is the entry-level watch of the Tudor black bay series, with the simplest style and the cheapest price. Of course, Black BAY is very careful in both design and workmanship, without losing the essence of the series.

36MM Tudor Black BAY Replica Watch
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We chose the classic all-match black plate style. The Tudor Black BAY Replica Watch also uses a polished and frosted steel case with a diameter of 36 mm. Of course, the most attractive aspect of this watch is the dial. The dial design of the Black Bay series draws inspiration from Tudor diving watches in the 1950s, but it is not a simple replica of a classic, but a collection of Tudor watches for more than 60 years. The essence of diving watch making. This Black Bay Blue Dial replica watch also uses the Snow Needle, the iconic design of Tudor, which appeared in the brand's 1969 catalog.

Another iconic design of the watch is its "big crown" design, which is a typical feature of the first generation of Tudor diving watches. In addition to the snow hands and the large crown, the large luminous hour markers and clear scales are also derived from the design of the Tudor diving watch. These elements are combined, even if this is a simple three-needle, it still does not lose the breath of movement. On the whole, this watch is actually suitable for various occasions and is very durable.

36MM Tudor Side

I find that many people like Tudors "Little Flower" LOGO, but I actually think that Tudors "Little Flower" LOGO is retro and beautiful, but not all watches are suitable. The shield LOGO commonly used by the brand now has a more modern taste. For this 36MM Tudor Black BAY Replica Watch, I think the shield LOGO is very suitable. And it doesn't matter if you like the "Little Flower" LOGO, the rose logo of Tudor is engraved on the big crown. The crown is a screw-in winding crown, and the watch is water resistant to 150 meters.

36MM Tudor Black BAY STRAPS

Although Tudor has gradually applied more and more self-produced movements to its classic products since it launched its self-produced movement in 2015. However, for the entry models of the series, in order to save costs and reduce entry prices, Tudor is still using ETA movements. So this 36MM Tudor Black BAY Replica Watch is equipped with an ETA 2824 self-winding mechanical movement with a dynamic storage of 38 hours. Compared with Tudor's self-produced movement, the performance is definitely worse.

Like other Black BAY watches, the Black BAY 36 watch has three strap options: it can be paired with a steel strap, a brown or beige leather steel discount strap, or a black textured strap. This article is matched with a frosted steel strap with discount and insurance buckle, which is convenient and safe.

As for whether this 36MM Tudor Black BAY Replica Watch is suitable for men to wear, look at the picture below, as long as it is not a man with a very thick wrist, it is actually very delicate to wear. In fact, 36 mm used to be a very classic size for men's watches. Of course, some have thin wrists, some have thick wrists, some like the exquisiteness of a small diameter, and some like the masculinity of a large diameter. The final size depends on personal preference and the effect of try-on. Not long ago, a collector of replica watches wanted to recommend some men's watches with a size of less than 38 mm. This 36MM Tudor Black BAY is a very good choice.