Texas eFiling – “unfolding past, present and future”

By | April 7, 2015

With all kinds of response either positive or negative, eFiling now have been a familiar term around Texas and surely has an impact on the judicial system in a positive way. There are some issues regarding the eFiling but as a whole it have been a good journey of transition from old court system to new system of justice. Still there are some conflicts and confusions regarding the eFiling process basically to the regular people who try to seek legal assistance on their own. But appreciating all the good parts of it working to solve the issues to make it even better service is what we all should do and expect to be so in very near future.

eFiling is the modern method of handling cases which allow to file a case to the court online and even submit the legal files and documents related to the case directly to the concerned court over internet. The mandatory order to include all civil matters under eFiling until 2016 boosted the transition of court system of 55 counties till date but gave rise to the problems of misunderstanding and confusions regarding this new age system if justice.

eFiling is a simple process where a filer, an individual or law firm/s, can file a case to the district court or county court by submitting his documents to the court through any existing electronic filing service provider like US Legal PRO. Now what causes the confusions and problems when the process is simple? Let’s try to dig out deep into past of e- filing and try out to find solving the ongoing confusions.

The eFiling was introduced with the ideal motive to change the whole judiciary system and revolutionize the practice of law and order to make it relevant to the technologically advanced society. The problem of old court system was that every time the hearing date for case was announced the paper documents related to the case had to be transported to the court time and again. Also it was very tedious and difficult to maintain and manage the bulks of paper documents. During the hearing of the case there seemed to be a rush among the attorneys to grab the case papers and had unwanted physical movements within the court. These instances in and out of the court made a gateway to start new system of law practice that matches the current technological advancements and hence the eFiling was brought into action.

Even after the initiation of the new system that was meant to change the whole judicial system, confusions and problems remained and couldn’t meet the objectives as expected. The problem is every county has its own system to carry the case processing to the court. This lack of uniformity in judicial system among the counties caused the conflict to rise high and negative comments about the system began to flow all over. For example, Dallas transformed its system and decided not to have any paper files and access all files using computer while in Tarrant county e-filed documents are printed into hard copies and transported to court just like in old system of court. Further it is stated that the documents submitted must be text recognizable pdf file which were out of understanding of most of the people and becoming the cause for rejection of case files. Repetitive rejection of the cases, especially for pro se who are inexperienced in law practice, is creating frustration and dissatisfaction towards eFiling in Texas.

As every great change and revolution comes with passion and patience, we, as a responsible citizen, must appreciate the work of transforming traditional court system to new system of judicial practice and we must learn to cope up with existing services with hope to have better system in near future. Following tips can be helpful to get along with eFiling process:

  • Have a visit to respective clerk of county or district and ask for the options and requirements before you file a case.
  • Try to strictly follow the rules as mentioned by the court clerk.
  • Your legal documents or filing should be in pdf format with text recognition.
  • Do not pour anger over court staff or court for your discomfort. It can worsen the scenario even more.
  • Be careful to pay eFiling fees with your card especially debit card as payment may hold for days in case of file rejection.

With all abnormalities and specialities of eFiling, it is necessary to have a optimistic perspective towards the change of the judicial system. eFiling surely has brought the revolution in the court system and will set a milestone in bringing the digital court project closer to the reach of the people in very near future. Easy, convenient, reliable and secure mean of transmitting legal documents online can surely be a good help in busy life of people and simplify the whole process of approach to the justice in coming days. The uniformity in the rules in all counties in near future can be helpful in meeting the objectives of initiating eFiling process to have simplified access to the judicial system and establish impartial justice system in Texas.

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