“Is eFiling superior to manual Filing?” – A comparative study

By | June 23, 2015

eFiling is an electronic means of filing a court case online with the help of electronic filing service providers, like US Legal PRO, working as a medium to transport e-File from law firms to the corresponding county or district court.

Manual filing is all same as eFiling except for the fact that in manual filing the court case has to be paper filed in the respective court.

There is a debate going on regarding the superiority of the systems that gives access to the court and justice. It is a matter of confusion among some people and are in dilemma. So, let’s have some comparisons among these two system of filing case to the court and try to figure out the best way of access to judicial system.

eFiling v/s Manual filing

File documentation time

File documentation takes about 5 minutes at most in eFiling while it takes about an hour or more in manual filing.

Clerk Processing time

Clerk processing time requires 30 minutes at most for eFiling but for manual filing time requires 2-3 days at most.


In eFiling payment is made electronically so least or no chance of errors whereas in manual filing payment is made manually so chances of errors and risks.


eFiling service is available 24×7 i.e. case can be filed whenever possible till 11:59 p.m. and in manual filing court is closed at 5:00 p.m. in working days and remains closed on holidays.


Court cost reduces dramatically when using eFiling. The court charge is about $6 and EFSPs may charge certain amount as service charge. In average the cost does not exceed more than $15. In manual filing, court charge can be upto $80 in average when a case us filed manually. ( costs include paper cost, files and other accessories).


eFiling can be used from any place with the internet facility. So it is very convenient tool while one should be present in the court house every time during the processing of his/her case in manual filing.

Receipt of delivery

Confirmation of file submission and case registration is available in seconds using eFiling but no such confirmation is available in manual filing.

Delivery of file stamped copies

In eFiling delivery of file stamped copies is available within 24 hours but no delivery of file stamped copies is available when case filed manually.


Trace number or envelope number helps to retrieve documents from various sites in eFiling while in manual filing there is probability of misplacing the paper files.

After comparison between two systems of justice it is obvious that eFiling has come forth as a best approach to the judicial system and outrun the manual filing system. Therefore, eFiling is the new face in judicial system that can be key factor in bringing revolution in judicial system in near future.

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