How you can effortlessly & cheaply file uncontested divorce in Texas court in 1 hour from your bed

By | January 5, 2017

Yes it is possible to file uncontested divorcein court in just 1 hour. I am sure you are curious as to how it is possible. Let me explain to you how this can be done in cheap and fast way in this digital age.

You woke up and realized that the person sleeping next to you or sleeping on the couch is not the same person you wanted to live with the rest of your life. So you decided to get a divorce right from your bed (I know – I know it is not as simplistic as how I have put it – divorce is a painful experience). Then you can take following steps to file for divorce in 1 hour.

  1. Go to Texas Uncontested Divorce Site and complete the questionnaire – You can also provide your electronic signature right from the comfort of your bed (15 minutes)
  2. Email and ask them to expedite the process. If you do not want to expedite, you do not have to email
  3. US Legal PRO will send you completed petition for uncontested divorce (45 minutes)
  4. Once you approve it, US Legal PRO will go ahead and file it for you (15 minutes)

Courts generally take few hours to up to 3 days to accept your filing.

Note: Filing for divorce is not the same as getting divorced. You still have to do following steps after the court accepts your divorce petition.

  1. Give your spouse “Legal Notice”
  2. Fill out “Final Decree of Divorce”
  3. Present your case to the judge by going to “Uncontested Docket”
  4. Finish by turning in your Final Decree of Divorce that the judge signed to the Court Clerk

*Note: Between Step #2 and #5, there is a mandatory waiting period of at least 61 days unless protective order is involved.


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