eFiling services – An overview

By | April 2, 2015

As per the mandatory rule of Supreme Court of Texas to include all the civil matters under eFiling, it is now a must to individual or law firms to be familiar with the eFiling process and the organization or eFiling service provider to be able to choose and practice the easy and convenient legal process online. This also has increased the need to understand about the whole working scenario of e filing system.

The electronic mean of judicial process in which the court case can be filed over internet with the help of electronic filing service providers in order to ease the documentation of the legal files as well as judicial process is electronic filing or simply eFiling.

The recent advancements in the technologies invoked the need of online service where the client or law firms can easily get the legal help with the assurance of their legal documents which led to the new way of approaching legal procedure known as eFiling. As the people these days live their life in the fast lane, eFiling has served as the boon for those who search reliable and convenient way of legal processing online. Therefore, eFiling is the answer to their need.

eFiling system, the new age adaptation of court cases over traditional case filing system, works as an automated system to handle the legal documents related to the case. In the court the system automatically routes the documents to the corresponding staffs and attorneys for further processing and the fees for the filing of the case files is also deducted automatically with the help of electronic filing system. For law firms, this system provides electronic case file providing the information like hearing dates and also displays the information about the document files whether the documents have correctly been registered to the court or not. Faster response and accurate information is provided to the law firms which makes the whole legal process efficient, reliable and convenient.

eFiling provides numerous services to the user which assures the security of their legal documents as well as the ongoing legal processes. Following are some of the services or the facilities that lure the clients to this new age means of legal approach:

  • Availability of the legal documents whenever required irrespective of time and place and multiple access to the single or multiple information or case file/s.
  • Protection of the important legal files from possible threats.
  • Reliable backing up of the case or firm files.
  • Time saving and convenient.
  • Proper utilization of available technology.

Further, electronic filing service providers who are always devote in providing quality services to their clients provide facilities of sharing documents within individuals or groups of attorneys or concerned parties, collaboration of case files and reducing conflicts in the legal processing.

In nut shell, e filing is a new way of handling cases for court as well as for individual or firms who are in need of legal assistance in easy, reliable and convenient way.The easy way to handle the cases and make it more organized and up to mark of the technologies existing in the date today is eFiling and therefore the need of understanding eFiling has increased so the individual or law firms seeking any legal assistance get the service in best possible way.

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