eFiling – “New approach to judicial system”

The increasing technological advancements in early 90s introduced the new way of judicial process of filing a court case online known as eFiling. The eFiling, also known as Electronic Filing, is the process of transmissions of legal documents using computer program from one party to another or to the concerned authority over the internet. eFiling is getting popular these days because of its numerous advantages over traditional method of filing a case in the courts.

Traditional court filing system requires skilled manpower to write, narrate, summarize, check the legal documents and verify from the concerned authority. Besides multiple copies of files should be prepared manually which is time consuming and tedious. With the help of eFiling system these disadvantages can be mitigated as in the eFiling system one can prepare the digital copies of the verified legal documents and transmit the documents to the court, law firm or any other concerned parties easily consuming less time in efficient way.  In addition to this, eFiling helps in making the case hearing process time efficient as well as managed. The legal papers or documents can be viewed by multiple numbers of persons at the same time and it also helps in minimizing the physical movements of people and papers around the court.

There are numbers of electronic filing service providers who are providing the wide range of eFiling facilities. Individual or law firms can get reliable service irrespective of the ongoing competition among the existing and leading electronic filing service providers. The only motto is to have secured and convenient way to the legal processes online and we, US Legal Pro, are very much aware and devoted in achieving the level where we can meet the expected comfort and satisfaction of our users.

Electronic filing system is the new age adaptation of court cases over traditional caseFiling system. eFiling system works as an automated system to handle the legal documents related to the case. In the court the system automatically routes the documents to the corresponding staffs for further processing and the fees for theFiling of the case files is also deducted automatically with the help of electronic filing system. For law firms, this system provides electronic case file providing the information like hearing dates and also displays the document files.

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