Texas Divorce Forms

These are the list of the divorce forms that are available to file a divorce case in Texas.

US Legal PRO is providing these printable forms for the convenience of the clients especially pro se who advocate their court cases on their own.

You can download a form and use them to eFile your divorce case in Texas.

Texas Supreme Court Approved Divorce Forms — Uncontested, No Minor Children, No Real Property

Use these Divorce forms if :

  • You and your spouse will agree on every issue in your divorce or your spouse will participate in the divorce process.
  • You or your spouse has lived in Texas for atleast 6 months and in the county where you are filing for divorce for at least 90 days.
    You may file for divorce in Texas even if you donot have legal status in the United States if you have lived in Texas and in your county for the above time periods.
    Military Families
    If you are serving in the armed forces outside of Texas, or you have accompained your spouse who is serving in the armed forces outside of Texas, you may still use these forms if Texas has been the home state for either spouse for at least 6 months and the county where you plan to file the divorce has been the home county of either spouse for atleaset 90 days.


After you have completed above forms, Go to US Legal Pro to create your eFiling account and / or file your forms electronically.