Do’s and Don’ts for Texas eFiling

By | September 30, 2015

eFiling is all over Texas now and whether you are ready for it or not, eFiling is in the air and you are obliged to go with the flow and embrace the new system of justice. But it is never easy to cope up with the new changes and it is never fruitful at the beginning. So, let’s discuss about some exercises that might be helpful to make the transition smooth and flawless.

Let us simply point out some dos and don’ts for eFiling in Texas. It can be very helpful in understanding and actually implementing the action for better results during the filing your case electronically.

So following are some of the dos and don’ts while eFiling in Texas:

Texas eFiling dos:

1. Always be clear about your case and eFiling procedure for your case.

You must be always aware about your case and its procedure for eFiling. Doing some research works on internet or ask around about the similar cases and their success statistics can be helpful for your case.

2. Consult with nearby legal experts or legal service provider about your filings.

Another important thing to do is consult and look for advice. It can be done by seeking legal help from legal experts around your circle or from any nearby legal service providers. You can visit the court as well for better understanding and reliability.

3. Place your legal documents in accessible place and make sure they are in standard format.

Legal documents are the important elements for eFiling. The documents must be in the standard format as prescribed by the law. Also it is important for you to store your legal files and documents in reliable storage media and also make sure it is easy to access whenever required.

4. Retrieve your confirmation mail and keep it safe.

You will receive an e-mail after successful entry of the case file to the court. That confirmation mail from official eFiling system for Texas contains an official court stamped filing copy. So, retrieve the mail and keep the official copy safe as it is your proof of filed case.

5. Pay your bill with credit cards.

Paying medium is not a matter of big deal as wide ranges of the electronic media are accepted for eFiling but credit card is preferred to debit card for payment. In case of rejection of the filing, the payment can hold for a day or more. So, it is good to use credit card for transactions.

6. Make sure you register properly to an EFSP once for and all.

Though choosing EFSP depends of person’s will but regarding the ease and efficiency for eFiling process it is better to register through single service provider once for and all and use same service provider for your eFiling.

7. Make sure about keeping your submission or envelope id safe.

An submission id or envelope id is provided to you by service provider after successful submission of your filing in the court. This number is the key to track you cases’ status later on. So, keep it safe.

Texas eFiling don’ts:

1. Never lock or put password to your documents while eFiling.

You legal documents to be e-filed must not have any kind of security features or any multimedia like audio, video etc embedded to it. Doing so to your documents can lead to case rejection.

2. Never register as prose if you are firm owner or vice versa

Once you are registered as individual user or pro se, it is difficult to be registered as firm later. So be sure about choosing yourself as pro se or firm and never register as pro se if you are a firm or vice versa.

3. Never use other than blue or black inked pen.

While signing the petition form or any other legal documents never use the pen other than blue or black.

4. Never submit the filing without complete reviewing.

Never be in hurry to submit your filing to the court. After completion of the process do check thoroughly the whole process from beginning and then only submit the filing. This will reduce the chance of your case rejection.

5. Never pour your anger

It is not good to show your anger over court staff or court or lawyers or any other authorized personnel for your discomfort. It can worsen the scenario even more. If you have some difficulties during the process try to resolve it peacefully and patiently.

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